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Personal loans are unsecured loans offered in Idaho that can be used for any major purchase you need to cover. Popular uses of personal loans are debt consolidation, home renovation, medical expenses, and many others. The interest rates of personal loans are typically 5.99% up to 36.99%.

What is the average personal loan interest rates in Idaho?

The rate you receive on a personal loan is determined by several factors. The main factor that goes into deciding the APR of your personal loan is your credit score. Look at the list below, as you can tell the better your credit score, the lower the interest and the more money you can borrow.

Average Credit ScoreAverage Interest RateAverage Amount Funded
720+7.25%$ 18,793


11.12%$ 15,622


17.08%$ 11,782


23.56%$ 10,015


31.16%$ 7,806


58.28%$ 6,324


107.13%$ 4,921

Less than 560

136.50%$ 3,549

From the information above we can conclude that getting a personal loan in Idaho with reasonable interest rates while having a credit score under 580 is difficult.

Get You Personal Loan Rates in Idaho Now

Lender APR Range Available Terms Min Loan Amount Max Loan Amount

What Interest Rates Can I Expect to Get in Idaho?

As stated above your interest rate a personal loan heavily depends on your credit score. The better your credit score more you can borrow at a interest rate. Personal loans are a great source of financing but you must be aware to avoid scammers when receiving a personal loan. If you receive a personal loan with an exceptionally large interest rate you could be caught in a circle of debt it may be difficult to get out of. Keeping this in mind, all the lenders on IDloan are all reputable industry leading lenders.

To calcuate your rates feel free to use our personal loan calculator.

[shmac_calc_sc extraclass=”Personal Loan” allowoverrides=”enable” slideroverrides=”enable” enable_slideroverride=”enable” enable_emailoverride=”disable” slider_theme=”broad” primarycolor=”#001278″ calctitle=”Texas Personal Loan Calculator” amountlabel=”Amount Of Loan” amountinfo=”The amount of money you need” defaultpurchase=”10,000″ sliderminamount=”1,000″ slidermaxamount=”100,000″ sliderstepsamount=”100″ interestlabel=”Interest Rate on the Loan” interestinfo=”The amount of interest that comes with the loan” defaultinterest=”8.99″ slidermininterest=”5″ slidermaxinterest=”70″ sliderstepsinterest=”.25″ downpayshow=”no” termlabel=”Term” terminfo=”How long do you want the loan” defaultterm=”36″ sliderminterm=”12″ slidermaxterm=”96″ sliderstepsterm=”1″ termtype=”month” enableinsurance=”no” enablepmi=”no” enabletaxes=”no” currencysymbol=”$” currencyformat=”1″ currencyside=”left” allowemail=”no”]

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